About the Program

Corporate Home Assist

What It Is

A Free & Voluntary Real Estate Benefit Program

Employers agree a wider breadth of benefits are needed to address the diversity in today’s workplace.

Home Assist is a free, voluntary real estate benefit program that provides education and resources along with local industry experts so your employees have a go-to team when they need them.  Employees spend hours on Google, Zillow, Trulia looking for answers to their real estate questions. When an employee can connect directly with a local expert, right here in our community, it can avoid hours of wasted time and productivity during the work day.

Demonstrating You Care

An employee’s largest investment (and incurred debt) is likely their home. That financial transaction is also likely one of their biggest stressors. Having a program like Home Assist demonstrates to employees that their employer cares about them and values their work/life balance.

employers exceed employees' who feel the same by 9%. Employers also have a responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their employees.

of employees agree


of employers agree

Meets their needs 0 %

of employees want customized benefit options based on their personal information.

New family structures 0 %

of employees want their company to adjust benefits communications to incorporate same-sex partners.

Extended careers 0 %

of employees expect to postpone their retirement due to their financial situation.

Benefits Matter

Enhanced work experience

Employers increasingly recognize the value of benefits to their employees and to the business

Employees want more harmony, so today’s benefits experience needs to be more complete. Here are 5 ways to meet employees where they are:


When employers offer a breadth of benefit options, they can help alleviate the anxiety that comes with the integration of work-life and home-life.


When employers deliver tailored solutions, they help an increasingly diverse workforce find the security it's looking for.


When employees have access to the right expertise, it ensures they can get the help they need to meet today's challenges.


By providing clearer information about the benefits available,employers can empower employees to choose the ones that fit their needs.


Lastly, when enrollment is simplified, employees are able to discover the immense value of their benefits. As a result, their appreciation can enhance their loyalty and commitment to their company.